Next Parent Council Meeting

Hello and welcome back to school for the year 2019/2020.

We hope you all enjoyed the summer break and children, staff and parents are settling back into the swing of things nicely.

The next Parent Council Meeting is on Wednesday the 11th September.  7pm in the school staff room.  We usually finish by 9pm.  All parents and carers are welcome to attend.  We try to make the meetings as relaxed and informal as possible.  This is your chance to be more involved with what is going on  at the school for the benefit of your child/children.

Dates for the meetings this academic year:

  • Wednesday 11th September 2019
  • Thursday 14th November 2019
  • Wednesday 22nd January 2020
  • Thursday 19th March 2020 (AGM)
  • Wednesday 13th May 2020

If you have any issues you would like us to discuss please make contact via the school office, the Lochardil Primary Parent Council Facebook page or

Kind regards

Amy, Ian and Pauline.

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